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Bio Compression Systems, Inc., is one of the leading manufacturers of pneumatic sequential therapy equipment for over 30 years. In addition to its high-quality devices, Bio Compression Systems has developed a wide range of garments in sizes and styles applicable to virtually every anatomical area in need of edema reduction, increased circulation, and promotion of enhanced wound healing.

For patient measurements with unique characteristics, Bio Compression Systems’ specialized equipment enables the design and production of custom garments. Since all garments and devices are manufactured on premises in our Moonachie New Jersey factory, we are able to provide fast turnaround of custom garment orders shipping on a weekly basis.

We, Lab Medica Healthcare, are their authorised importer and distributor in India providing excellent support for Lymphoedema patients across India

lymphoedema pumps


4 chamber pump

60 second cycle

SC-2008 OC

8 chamber pump

60 second cycle


8 chamber pump

7.5 minutes cycle



Arterial flow enhancement pump