Covid-19 lockdown: How to keep the mind occupied at home?

How to keep your mind occupied during lockdown?

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Dear folks, the year 2020 has given us a big surprise which none of us had ever though about. WHO is also concerned about mental health of the citizens during lockdown.
How to take care of our minds is very important in today’s lockdown/ home quarantine times. Mental well-being comes first. You can try the following few of the ideas laid down before you.

  1. Develop a new routine. You can enlist all your family members in this task. Everyone had a certain routine until now. But now since everyone is locked at home, you can all accomplish more things together. Develop a simple daily routine, like breakfast time, prayer time, play time, etc.home chores couple

  2. Participate in house chores. Unless you still have enough housemaids, most people are now left with doing all the house chores by themselves. Divide the tasks with each member of the family according to their capabilities and make sure even the kids take part in some common chores in the house.

  3. Meditate. It is a wonderful time to calm your mind and soul with daily meditation. Do this for at least 30 mins each poses

  4. Do some physical activity. Carve out sometime in your day to do some physical exercise. Studies have shown that exercising everyday increases happiness, reduces stress and depression.

  5. Eat healthy. Staying at home for weeks or even months, can lead to increase in weight. Eat right and follow nutritious diet.

  6. Educate yourself. This is a great opportunity to get back to studies for a bit. Maybe, prepare for a test you’ve been meaning to take since many years. There are many online courses and videos with such a wide variety of content that you can almost always find what you’re looking for. So go online and get started.

  7. Keep calm. Tempers and words may fly high at home. We all have an inner child within us which can get frustrated and irritable. These are testing times. Keep topics light and general to diffuse the tension.

  8. Avoid too much corona virus coverage. Just keep to the headlines. Do not believe everything that you get on social media. Many of the forwards and now even some videos have been proven false. The fact is, you have to practice social distancing. We need not add fear, anxiety and paranoia to it.

  9. If need be, talk to a mental health professional.

These are just a few ideas we can employ to keep our minds occupied, fresh and engaged. ‘A idle mind is the devil’s workshop’ is an apt saying in today’s situation. Let’s strive to be a better self when we come out of the lockdown situation.

We welcome your comments below on how you’re keeping yourself occupied at home during the current  lockdown?

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