When to wear compression stockings?

Medical compression stockings should be worn first thing in the morning after getting up from the bed. However, sometimes it may not be practical to do so. Hence, you can wear the stockings after your shower, once your legs have dried. Basic principal remains – as early as possible after getting up. 

When to remove compression stockings?

You may remove your compression stockings before going to sleep. The basic idea is to wear medical compression stockings whenever your legs are below your heart level. The internal vein pressure reduces when the blood doesn’t have to flow against the gravity. So, you may remove your stockings whenever you are lying down.

How to wash compression stockings

In order to make sure your investment in compression stockings doesn’t go to waste, you need to take good care of your stockings / socks. Since these are elastic fabrics, please follow below steps:

  • Soak it in tap water (Not hot water. Just room temperature)
  • Use a mild detergent without fabric softner. Fabric softener will damage the elastic fibres and shorten the life of your stockings
  • Hand-wash by rubbing the stockings in your hand. Be careful of your nails, rings etc. Do not put them in the washing machine. Massage the stockings to remove all dirt, sweat etc. Do not use sharp bristled brushes to wash these stockings.
  • To remove water, press it tightly in your palms, or inside a towel. Do not twist and wring it.
  • Finally to dry – Dry your stockings on a flat surface (table) under the fan. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Do not hang it on a clothesline.
How often/ frequently should I wash my compression stockings

Elastic yarns have a memory of the length. Everyday you use it, it becomes slightly longer, hence, slightly loose. When you wash these elastic fabrics, they shrink / get refreshed to their original length. Therefore, It is recommended to wash your stockings everyday. If everyday wash is not possible, then every alternate day. Also, it is always good for hygienic purpose to wash as often as possible.

What is the guarantee / warranty on medical compression stockings?

Most international brands get their stockings certified from RAL-GZG institute which guarantees the product’s medical benefit (compression level) for 6 months. Make sure when you buy your stockings to check on the box if it is RAL certified. Ask your dealer / pharmacy to order a RAL certified stockings for you. Sigvaris is one such company that carries RAL certified products.

What does RAL-GZG certification mean for stockings?

RAL was founded in 1925 by the German Institute of Quality Assurance (GZG). RAL has a membership of  9000 companies from all industrial sectors. It guarantees the medical benefits of the products and thus reimbursement by health insurance in German speaking countries

Pressure and pressure profile per compression class:

Degressive pressure from the ankle to the thigh.

High precision is required in development and production.

Design features:

Type of heel. Ratio of inlayed yarn to stitches and many more

Minimum thickness of the yarn:

Very thin and transparent qualities will not fulfill the norm.

Quality requirements:
In-house quality management system, traceability, production control, product labelling, quality control.


  • Official monitoring of the product quality carried out by German authorities
  • Guaranteed quality of compression garments
  • Guaranteed degressive pressure values for each stocking size
  • Guaranteed fit of the products to the leg
  • Constant pressure over 180 days if used daily

How do compression stockings work?

Stockings press the veins from outside. The veins get compressed, and hence the speed of blood flow increases. The swelling in your legs will also reduce due to this pressure. Blood collection in veins reduces and therefore the complaints / symptoms of Varicose veins or DVT reduced to a great extent.

Where/ who to buy Medical compression stockings / varicose vein stockings / DVT stockings from?

It is important to buy medical compression stockings from someone who is an expert in this field. Many patients have complaints later on because they are not explained properly – the importance of measurement, techniques of wearing and remove stockings, perfect fit and ability of your stockings supplier to help you solve your queries after you buy a pair.

Following are a few stocking associated problems that arise once you start wearing them daily:

  1. Itching after removing stockings
  2. Full thigh stockings falling / sliding / rolling down during the day
  3. Irritation at the joints
  4. Depending on the type you buy – bad appearance of the stockings
  5. Pain after wearing the stockings
  6. Crease marks on your skin when removed
  7. And the most common – ill- fitting stockings due to wrong size given
  8. …. and many more

We, Lab Medica Healthcare are experts in medical stockings service and supply. We will help you avoid most of these complaints. And we also have the experience to guide you if any such problems arise.

Can I apply moisturiser on my skin BEFORE wearing stockings in the morning?

The answer is YES. But please note that once you apply moisturiser, wait for enough time so that the skin feels soft and supply, but NOT WET. It is generally not good for your skin to have a moist stockings on your legs all day long.

How can I use / wear stockings if I have dry skin?

You can apply moisturiser on your legs half and hour to 1 hour before wearing your stockings. Make sure your leg is dry when you are putting on your stockings.

I can't wear stockings, they are too tight. What to do?

Yes, the stockings are supposed to be tight, otherwise they will not give you proper compression. How much tight it feels differs from person to person. If you buy stockings from an specialist dealer like Lab Medica Healthcare, you can be assured that it is not due to smaller size that is given to you.

Having said that, there is a very easy question you can ask yourself – Do the stockings feel tight when wearing and removing only? OR do they feel tight all day long? The answer will decide whether you need a helping device to make it easy for you to wear and remove OR you need a bigger size of stockings.

Why buy stockings from Lab Medica Healthcare?
  1. Team has decades of experience in measurement, fitting and after-sales service for Medical compression stockings
  2. We do not compromise on measurements and sizes. We take accurate measurements and give proper sizes.
  3. We stock more sizes of stockings than any other company. So the stockings fit you as perfect as one made especially for you
  4. Our owner has a Medical education and has been education trainer for many countries. Hence, we can give you wide variety and knowledge-rich solutions for your compression stockings need
  5. Our after-sales service is quite well known and often surprises our customers on how well we take care of their concerns / complaints
  6. We are present directly in Mumbai and Pune. However we have dealer network in all major cities across India who have been well-trained.
  7. If you are not staying in any of the cities we are in and still want to buy from us, we provide online support with video calls, pictures, videos and on phone as well.
  8. Our products are best in quality, provide superior comfort and most important Medically competent. Therefore you can be sure, our products will perform as they are supposed to.
  9. We give one pair of free hand gloves which makes it easy to put stockings on. The hand gloves we provide are also sourced from the best quality manufacturer as we do not compromise on the experience that our customers face. We give one free so that you get used to using these gloves while wearing and removing, which reduces the chance of damage to the stockings. Thus increasing the life of your stockings.

There are many more benefits of buying your stockings from us which you will notice when you shop with us. Your stocking buying experience from us will be seamless and easy. We are just a phone call away. You will find our contact information here – CONTACT US