What you can’t imagine doing without for your lower leg in sporting activities is even more important for the thigh, the largest muscle of the motion system. The PERFORMANCE COMPRESSION SHORTS in combination with the COMPRESSION SOCKS & SLEEVES ensure the consistent continuation of controlled compression on the leg. Along with optimized blood circulation, the benefits include the proprioceptive effects and the protection of the muscles from microfibre tears.

The shorts made from skin-friendly and thermoregulating yarns will win you over with the special men’s and women’s cuts, which consider the needs of their different anatomies and uncompromisingly emphasize the benefits. The PERFORMANCE COMPRESSION SHORTS ensure improved muscle performance, higher endurance, and lower muscle vibration.


  • improved muscle performance, performance increase due to synchronized muscle oscillation
  • higher endurance, less muscle fatigue
  • lower muscle vibration, higher muscle stability
  • faster and greater reoxygenation, less power deflection, fewer injuries

Made for… faster and greater reoxygenation, less power deflection, fewer injuries.


  • controlled degressive pressure profile (3 measuring points)
  • the controlled degressive pressure profile
  • maximum compression for the ambitious athlete
  • BodyFit knitting process: anatomically optimised fit by the usage of dynamic binding technology
  • Body shaping -Toning: All-round distributed full compression for thighs and buttocks. Precise and compact body image.
  • opaque, moisture-regulating, skin-friendly

Material composition:
The SIGVARIS RUNNING SOCKS – the best thing that can happen to your running. A combination of top-class fibers for increased performance! Compression and protection rolled into one – ideally adapted to the various areas and tissues of the leg. Outstanding wearing comfort thanks to optimal thermal regulation. What is more: Odour control. A well-rounded concept for many rounds on the running track or in the forest.
Bamboo charcoal particles worked directly into the fibres adhere permanently to the yarn and ensure the functional properties even after 50 washings.

64% polyamide, 17% polyester, 19% elastane