My family doctor recommended me to buy sigvaris stockings for my grandparents from them. Lab medica explained me the entire process and were prompt with their replies. I received the stockings within 24 hours. Thank you. Would definitely recommend them to more people. 🙂

Rihen Ajmera

I was prescribed Medical compression stockings by my doctor. Searched online and found Lab Medica to be very good. They are the most professional and knowledgeable stockings dealers in mumbai. They helped me select the right type of medical compression stockings required for me. Rest companies only were offering me 1 variety which they had. Lab Medica Healthcare’s service was quick, and person explained me in details how to use and take care of the product, they also gave 1 pair of hand gloves for free to increase the life of my stockings. They care about their customer’s health and comfort.
A special thanks to Mr Darshan with helping me with the selection.

Umang Shah

“Problem of Vericose Veins became acute in year 2009 and I had to go for Angiography on SOS basis (blood clot in right lung). Then came a remedy from the heaven on earth i.e. Switzerland. My surgeon Dr. Pradeep Vyas suggested me compression stockings manufactured by Sigwaris. These stockings for me were like – A Textile Engineering Marvel Product. Different pressures are applied at different parts as required by our leg. Then I enjoyed the comforts of these Magical Stockings. I recommend that such type of patients must use this product as relief is guaranteed. Secondly Lab Medica gave me an excellent service and perfect guidance also. All people here (from staff to the owners) are very cooperative. I am a very satisfied person of both Sigwaris Co. and Lab Medica also”.

Rajan Khidkikar