Top 10 ways to relieve leg pain

Here are the Top 10 ways of relieving leg pain.

We often tend to ignore leg pain thinking it to be nothing but the result of overwork or tiredness. However, pain in the legs can rapidly become an obstacle in performing everyday activities such as climbing up and down a staircase, going for a walk or playing a sport. Leg pain can put your feet off the ground if it goes undiagnosed and untreated for long. [1] 

Your treatment options will depend on the source of leg pain. However, irrespective of the cause of leg pain, certain easy and simple ways can give you relief by reducing the pain. Let us have a look at different ways to reduce pain in the legs.  

  1. Give rest to your legs:

    The simplest way is to avoid any painful activity involving the legs. The pain may accompany swelling due to excess pressure on your legs and feet. Take some rest and put up your feet; it relieves the pain due to overuse of the legs or weakness.[2] 

  2. Elevate your legs:

    Keeping your legs at a raised level than the rest of the body by placing few pillows below your legs, helps to reduce the swelling and pain. [2,3]leg elevate

  3. Application of ice:

    Applying ice pack at the painful part of the leg for 15 minutes several times in a day can be beneficial in relieving pain. [2]

  4. Massage your legs:

    A gentle, soothing massage of the legs can help in relieving leg pain as it increases the blood circulation.[2] This washes away the inflammatory chemicals causing the pain. 

  5. Gentle exercise:

    Stretch your legs by doing gentle exercises. Point your toes inwards and outwards so that the muscles of the legs can stretch. A little stretching may reduce leg pain. [4]

  6. Warm water bath:

    Take a warm water bath or soak your feet and legs in warm water containing slats to relieve the pain. [3,4]

  7. Avoid holding the legs in the same position for a long time:

    Do not sit or stand for long periods without changing your position. This puts pressure on the legs and may also result in swelling of feet and ankle. Move around frequently. [3]

  8. Stay hydrated:water cut out

    Dehydration causes loss of electrolytes and results in muscle cramps. Leg pain is often a result of muscle cramps. Stay hydrated by drinking water regularly.[2]  Keep potassium levels normal by consuming potassium-rich food such as bananas. This helps to reduce pain and cramping of muscles. [4] 

  9. Take mineral supplements:

    Magnesium supplements can reduce the pain caused by water retention. However, before you take any medication, it is essential to consult a doctor. [3]

  10. Wear compression stockings:

    Compression stockings can help control swelling, improve blood flow from the legs and pain of the legs and feet. [3,4]  You can get high quality, breathable, compression stockings of your size here.

Leg pain is a very common problem and can typically be managed by home remedies[2,4]. If you are unable to control leg pain by simple home remedies, the underlying problem may be serious and should be looked into by a doctor. Deep vein thrombosis (blood clot forms in the deep-seated vein of the leg) or peripheral neuropathy (disease of the nerves) may cause leg pain. Appropriate treatment of these conditions will eventually reduce leg pain. In such cases, it is necessary to seek a doctor’s advice and take prompt treatment for reducing leg pain. [1]

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Stay fit, stay healthy, do not let the annoying leg pain interfere with your daily routine!



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