Traveno will come in handy wherever you go.

  • Intensive graduated support
  • Reduces swelling
  • Breathable and easy to clean
  • Ideal for long journeys

Travel safely with Traveno

Every time you sit for a long period of time without moving your legs, the risk of travel thrombosis increases – whether you’re traveling by air, car or train. Swelling and painful legs are possible symptoms. Traveno promotes circulation in your legs by applying gentle pressure. A scientific study has proven that SIGVARIS Traveno provides considerable health benefits.

Material composition:

89% Q-skin
11% Lycra

Thanks to their innovative knitted fabric, TRAVENO stockings prevent odours and ensure optimum comfort and fresh-feeling legs while on the move.

Sizes: Available in 6 sizes, shoe sizes 36-47

1   36-37
2   38-39
3   40-41
4   42-43
5   44-45
6   46-47

Available for Men, Women
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